Songwriting &
Recording Studio ProjecT

A student favorite, this extensive project begins with an in-class composition unit and culminates with the opportunity to record original music and receive professional feedback at Bear Creek Studio. In class, students explore creative writing to develop lyrics as well as music production to add instrumentation and vocal harmonies. For additional preparation, guest artists in the Seattle music scene provide guidance, support, and an insight into today’s music industry. In studio, students gain real-life experience learning to communicate and capture their visions while working with professionals in a world-renowned studio. Students reflect that this experience pushes them to new limits, and that the ending sense of confidence and accomplishment is life-changing.

  The control room at Bear Creek Studio during our Songwriting & Recording Studio Project.

The control room at Bear Creek Studio during our Songwriting & Recording Studio Project.

Choir Retreat

Choir retreat is essential for creating strong connections and uniting our students, laying the foundation for the current year and years to come. Retreat focuses on intense rehearsal of music, team-building activities, choir leadership positions, outreach and event-planning, and ideas for connecting and contributing to a positive school culture at IHS. Our budget provides scholarships to students unable to afford the nominal $25.

Regional, State, & Northwest Honor Groups

Solo & Ensemble: All students are encouraged to participate in the Solo & Ensemble regional contest to select and learn a challenging piece of music, work with an accompanist, perform for their peers, and receive feedback from an adjudicator. Costs include fees for contest entry, accompaniment, and sheet music purchase.

All-State or All-Northwest Choirs: All students are encouraged to audition for the All-State/All-Northwest Choirs. Acceptance into one of these choirs is a high honor, and selected students have the opportunity to spend an immersive weekend working with the top singers and educators in the region. Costs include an audition fee, housing, and event fees.


Concert Venues: Every year IHS Choirs are honored to have multiple concerts and opportunities to collaborate with professional adult choral ensembles. With such varied performances and configurations, it is important to find venues created to support the beauty of the choral tone without artificial amplification. A choral acoustic performance space gives both singers and audience a transcending music experience that is nearly impossible to achieve in a high school gym or facility.

  A student practices guitar to accompany an original song.

A student practices guitar to accompany an original song.

Concert Commissions: Our community is rich with accomplished choral music composers. Every three years, we commission a composer to work directly with our students and create an original piece designed uniquely for them. After a world premier performance at an IHS concert, the piece is shared with and performed by choirs across the world.

Choir Instruments

Our concerts and songwriting project require an acoustic steel string, classical guitar, tenor ukulele, soprano ukulele, and miscellaneous percussion instruments.


Website Design & Tech: Our developing website is needed to share upcoming choral events & opportunities, provide musical & educational resources for our students, accept donations, answer questions, and otherwise serve as an online oasis for our growing choral community.

Concert Program Design: In addition to acting as a keepsake for students and families, concert programs share important announcements, highlight student accomplishments, and support our community by providing ad space to sponsors & local businesses. We hire a graphic designer to convey this information in a beautifully-designed and memory-worthy program.

  Students recording an original song at Bear Creek Studio.

Students recording an original song at Bear Creek Studio.


Vocal Instructors: The extensive benefits of private lessons include individualized practice techniques and self-assessment tools to ensure healthy vocal habits. Students who have the luxury of transportation, time, and who can afford private voice lessons outside of school will have a greater advantage when auditioning for district and state honor groups, Solo & Ensemble competitions, and school contests. Our vocal instructor specialists provide in-class private lessons to students whose resources or schedules do not allow them to seek private lessons outside of school. 

Professional Accompanists: We are proud to hire professional instrumentalists to accompany every concert to ensure valuable musical experiences to our students. In addition to enhancing and supporting our singers, accompanists act as models of artistry and expertise.

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